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Petrol in Diesel Shropshire

Do you know that the majority of the accidents are caused by misfuelling? It happens a lot, especially when motorists put the wrong fuel in the wrong fuel tank. The petrol acts as a solvent when it is added to a diesel tank, which harms the fuel pump. The most dangerous thing that can happen is that you might have to completely replace the vehicle's fuel tank and filter, which costs a lot of money.

Side Effects of Adding Diesel In Petrol Tank

Petrol is flammable and can easily ignite by sparks that originate from the spark plugs.

You can also notice that diesel will start clogging up the fuel system along with the spark plugs.

Your engines won't work, and the vehicle won't start until diesel is completely drained out.

Auto Fuel Doctor To The Rescue

The first thing a driver must do is turn off the engine after adding the wrong fuel. It will prevent further damages and save your vehicle from catching fire. Instead of making mistakes and handling the problem yourself, Auto Fuel Doctor will help out immediately. The team will drain and thoroughly clean the entire tank and engine.

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