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AdBlue in Fuel Tank in Shropshire

AdBlue should never be added in the wrong fuel tank like in diesel tanks. It's an exhaust fluid and should be put in a separate tank designed just for AdBlue. It's supposed to be stored separately. You will regret it once AdBlue enters the wrong fuel tank. If you want to avoid paying thousands of pounds to fix the fuel system, try not to make this mistake.

Have you put AdBlue in a fuel tank in Shropshire?

Everyone can make mistakes. Although these fuel tanks have their specific colour for fuel caps, still individuals tend to do this either by mistake or on purpose. Once AdBlue is added to the wrong tank, do not turn on your engines. If you do this, AdBlue will start circulating in the engine and fuel system, which initiates the corrosion process. A time may come that the fuel system will become irreplaceable.

Auto Fuel Doctor

Contact Auto Fuel Doctor to provide their services. It will only take 30 minutes for us to get there. We professionally handle the situation and drain your fuel tank completely. In addition, our team will clean and altogether remove every drop of Adblue to make sure your engine is safe and secure for future use.

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